Did she try to keep him?

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Ignore LeAnn Rimes on the cover of Us Weekly and look at that top corner:

Jen’s Last Ditch Gifts

Am curious. Did she offer him more money to stay? A contract extension? Free pass pee cards?


Needless to say, the tabloids have not been kind to Jennifer Aniston this week – stories ranging from John Mayer writing a tell-all exposing the “real” Rachel to her late night phone calls to Brad Pitt begging him back. Or something. Probably all bullsh-t but Fabulous at 40!!! suddenly does look so fabulous. Even a Bond Girl report was buried under her baggage of her failed relationships.

The MiniVan no doubt will keep defending her, relating to her, sympathising with the plight of the perfect woman who cannot find the perfect man…

The truth, however, at least according to one of her ex boyfriends, is that dating Jennifer Aniston is “hard work”. According to Adam Duritz from the Counting Crows who went out with her years ago for a few weeks:

"People are people -- not movie stars. Some people you really dream about dating. Then, when you get there, you think, 'Wow, this is not the vacation I thought it would be. This is not where I want to spend my vacation'."

Curiously enough, this sentiment seems to echo what Tate Donovan said about Aniston following their split. Tate revealed that she was “too ambitious” to make their love work, that the “girl next door” is actually the girl who prefers luxe and lavishness and the kind of lifestyle only famewhoring can acquire.

Combine all this with John Mayer’s cryptic six words about his heart and its lack of “instructions” and it might not be so black and white. Too easy blame it on the boys. What if she’s just a pain in the ass?

Jennifer Aniston???

Nooo…. Impossible!


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