Jennifer Aniston continues to promote Cake in New York today on the morning show circuit. Here she is on the cover of the new issue of The Hollywood Reporter in just a very comfortable, warm-coloured sweater showing off a pair of tanned, toned legs.

It looks good, obviously. And reminds me of her fragrance ads.

This is the post-Oscar snub Aniston. The return of her sexy. The full text hasn’t been released online yet so we’ll get to that in a day or so but I’m eager to read about her “anger” and her “bigger picture”.

For now though, we have other things to discuss. Like in this new interview with E! she talks about eloping and how she can’t because it would disappoint a lot of people, including Justin Theroux’s mother which… if you’re doing it for the mother, it means it has to be a THING. I would want to avoid putting together that THING too.

Also, she can’t bake. She can cook though. Carbonara, spanakopita…

God I love spanakopita.

And I understand why spanakopita would be easier for her than baking. It’s because she grew up with it. Her grandmother made it. So it’s not intimidating. Like it’s not intimidating for me to get down and make a batch of wontons or any other Chinese food, really, that a lot of people would have to order at a restaurant (even though my version would be better) but I can’t do cookies. Or cakes. Because any tools and ingredients used for that kind of food terrifies me. We don’t have that sh-t in Chinese kitchens. Half the time I look at those items in other kitchens or in a store and I’ve no idea what they’re used for.

Click here to watch the interview.