Jennifer Aniston is co-hosting the Ellen DeGeneres Show today. This was surprising to me. Because it’s not like she has a movie to promote. And she’s big enough of a star that she can afford to be more sparing with her time anyway even when she does have something to promote...although when you get into the “lifestyle” game, all those rules must change. Even Gwyneth has to Groupon a night out these days.

In advance of her appearance on Ellen, Jen taped a segment reuniting her with Friends co-stars Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox. This is the first time we’ve seen her with Courteney in a while. Three weeks ago, the two showed up at the same event and there wasn’t a photo of the two of them together. Click here for a refresher. They keep teasing a Friends reunion.

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The funniest part of that bit was “Go On”. The craziest part of that bit was how hard Courteney had to work for her expressions.

There’s also apparently a soap opera sketch on the show today. Jen’s dad, John Aniston makes a cameo.