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Because this is bad…

This is very, very, VERY bad.

It doesn’t get badder than drunk dialing…but drunk dialing that self fellating douchebag John Mayer?


The Daily Mail is reporting that Jennifer Aniston has been drunk dialing John Mayer. Apparently she hit the hooch hard the other night and called him up, desperate for some love.

In truth…it’s probably bullsh*t.

But from a PR perspective, this is a disaster. And drunk dialing is the worst. You know who you are…

And you know Jen, obsessively concerned about her image, is not going to turn her face to the ocean and swallow this one without a fight.

Cue up the paps, call up Gerard Butler, or better yet, get John Stamos on the line. It’s time to act. Now.

Attached – John looking smarmy at a Tony Bennett event earlier this week.

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