Oprah sells Jennifer Aniston as the epitome of the modern woman. But only for the MiniVan Majority. Because only the MiniVan would snap snap and support a girl who can’t stay cool in confrontation.

Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson have more in common than just John Mayer. It was partly the insecurity that drove John away from Jess. And if Jen keeps this up, he’ll be pissing on someone else in no time.

The UK Mirror is reporting that Aniston was very territorial about John last week in London, particularly when Kimberly Stewart showed up. As an aside - so many bloggers call Kim ugly. I don’t think she’s ugly at all. Ugly is Tori Spelling’s mashed up face. Ugly is Donatella Versace. Ugly to me is not Kimberly Stewart. In fact, I rather like her look. I like the hair, I like her bone structure, I like that she doesn’t look like generic Barbie.

But this sounds like a minority opinion. To many of you, she’s mangled. So be it.

Jennifer Aniston was jealous over mangled.

And when mangled showed up to see John perform, Jennifer put on her pouty pants and made John send his security over to remove Kim from the area.

Big mistake.

And clearly an example of not being trained well by her girlfriends. For a girl who is supposedly such a girl’s girl, this is rather surprising.

Because you never, ever, ever let on when you’re intimidated. You never, ever, ever show them your weakness.

So while Kim may have been ejected, in the end Kim won. Because Kimberly Stewart – who the f&ck is Kimberly Stewart, right? – Kimberly Stewart gave the A List Jennifer Aniston, one of the most popular celebrities in the world, Kimberly Stewart left the premises KNOWING that she gave Jen reason to feel insecure.

And worse still…now that sh*t has become public. How long before Stephen Huvane gets up to his usual shenanigans in a futile attempt to convince the world his client really is a strong woman?

Bet your boob job next week. Next week they"ll be an item in People or OK! about Jen"s "owning" her older woman/younger man relationship.