Does it really matter what she says in the interview? She’s gone back to them time and again during the course of her career. Jennifer Aniston, her breasts…or, more specifically, her nipples. They’re probably rock hard but unfortunately she’s covering them.

Seriously. This is a body.

Jen on the cover of the new GQ, using this body to promote Marley & Me. Excellent strategy. Much, much, MUCH better than the weepy me me strategy. I’m so distracted I can barely think about dinner. And I’m always thinking about dinner.

As for the article itself – also a good move. She’s decided to take a sense of humour approach to the whole Triangle business. Referring to the perceived ugliness between her and the Brange, Jen jokes:

"The funny thing is, people don't realize we all go away to The Hamptons on the weekends.That'd be hysterical: I've got Zahara on my hip, and Knox..."

It WOULD be hysterical. Can you imagine how much those photos would fetch?

Even more hysterical is that Jen actually goes so far as to attack her fanbase the MiniVan Majority! She calls it Middle America. Apparently she’s been working to pushing forward a movie called Pumas, in her words “sort of a female Wedding Crashers about two aspiring cougars."

The studios have been resistant because as she explains: "It is so a comment on the sexual double standard, and what's been ironic is how hard it's been to get this movie made. Studios want it, but they are afraid of Middle America. They'd want to change it; they're saying, 'Oh, you can't do that, people just can't imagine you..."

And all of a sudden we’ve gone from pity parties to bra burning parties:

"Look, I think all women on some level just want to rage against the machine (more cliches!). There are too many movies out there that don't empower women, movies in which their only way of being happy is finding a man. And you know, that's not my favorite theme."

Oh but isn’t it?

Whatever. Who cares? I’m mesmerised by her body. Her body wants me to see Marley & Me. Her body wants me to get my heartbroken by a dog. Must resist. Even if those breasts are ridiculously delightful.