Many of you have written asking about new reports suggesting that the reason why Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer got back together is because she’s pregnant.

The rumour originated out of some random Australian tabloid ranking lower than even Life & Style and Star in terms of reliability… meaning? As much as we want it to be true, because she is that pathetic, it’s likely to be full of sh*t, although the American rags are probably pissing themselves for not thinking of it first.

This doesn’t mean however that Jen and Stephen Huvane aren’t using it to their advantage. You people love babies and bumps. Babies and bumps are an international gossip obsession. Jennifer Aniston loves being a gossip obsession. Why right a wrong when it feels so right?

Check her out leaving the Beverly Hills Hotel yesterday supposedly with a stomach that was not concave. Which means she actually ate a substantial meal and used it to her advantage – those paps just happened to be around.

As for what she was doing at the Beverly Hills Hotel – John likes to stay there from time to time, even though he has his own house in LA. Not unusual for celebrities. George Clooney does this a lot, especially when he’s paying for companionship and discretion, except he stays at the much more inaccessible paparazzi unfriendly Bel Air.

Douchebags like John aren’t quite as guarded.

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