Jennifer Aniston was hard to resist when Friends first started. She had the cutest body and the best hair style and Rachel and Ross, then, didn’t make you want to drill a hole into your head and fill it with rubbing alcohol.

And she wasn’t starving. And an attention whore. Yet.

But along came Brad and away went the weight. Rail thin, living in Gwyneth’s shadow, and starting to scheme for movie stardom, until it backfired into a love triangle and a pity yoga party that lasted two years ….which appears to be coming to an end at last. Love it.

Jennifer Aniston on the set of He’s Just Not That Into You looking so healthy and so happy, especially for the paps. Of course for the paps. But still. It’s nice to see her body back. It’s nice to see some curves and some sexy. It’s nice to see a lovely juicy ass filling out those jeans.

See? Eating makes you happy!!!

Is Jennifer Aniston finally self actualised? Or should we make up a smutty reason behind the smile?

PS. And please. Please please please save it with the bump watch. She had some wine with her carbs at dinner. It’s a good thing. Her body is tight. I would kill for this body. Enough with the baby talk. It’s dumb and I’m bored.