For 10 years on Thursday nights they were a source of comfort. They were our Friends. They were there for us… when the rain starts to fall. They were there for us… like they’ve been there before.

Not Monica, Joey, Chandler, Ross, or Phoebe…No, no not them. They sucked ass after season 4. But Jennifer Aniston’s reliably hard nipples – now THAT is the television staple the world tuned into (no pun intended) week after week. Because for all the money in the world and the magic of showbiz, somehow they couldn’t seem to heat up that set, somehow they couldn’t find a way to camouflage those little raspberries.

And now those little raspberries are back! Like 1999 all over again! Conveniently when Jen has found herself in the middle of a very, very minor pickle. Hiring and defending a racist bodyguard? A bodyguard who has been sent home to evade the authorities? A bodyguard who is now so worried about his livelihood he’s now trying to extort and bribe his way back? Word is, the ch*nk spewing minder has been frantically calling everyone in his address book, offering money in exchange for lies in his favour. So far he’s been unsuccessful.

But who the f&ck cares???

Who cares when Jen is rocking rock hard nippies!?!?

Here she is on set in Vancouver this weekend showing off the tweakies we’ve missed so much. Word is she’s also been rather flirty with co-star Aaron Eckhart. Click here to see video of her giving him a kiss on the cheek

Hate to gloat but weren’t we all waiting for this??? Isn’t hooking up with a  co-star, like, her patented move? If I were Jen though, I’d tread cautiously. Aaron Eckhart is an accomplished douchebag.

But before the rumours really get out of hand, in all fairness, I’m told she’s actually really flirty with almost every attractive man on the set. A single girl making herself available… it’s all good. It’s what she should be doing. It’s a new confident Jen with her old confident tits who really should demonstrate better judgement with the hired help.

Just as suggestion…

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