So I posted these photos of Jennifer Aniston – click here to see - yesterday from the Horrible Bosses premiere in London intending to show you the shoes. Instead, so many of you fixated on and freaked out over her toe. Look, I know it’s a weird angle in the photo, but it’s just the one toe, bent at the knuckle. You’ve never bent your toe before? Maybe I have toe sensitivities. My second toe is longer than my big toe. Like, a LOT. Here, I’ll show you. Those are my ugly ass feet. Never understood anyone with a foot fetish because, to me, all feet are vile. As you can see, that’s a full on E.T. Phone Home situation happening on both sides on the second toe. It’s huge. So I’m just saying, you all need to chill out about Jen’s toe. Toes are flexible! Also isn’t it lovely the white piping on my pyjamas? J Crew makes the best pyjamas.

Anyway, from Jen’s toe to her hand, it turns out Justin Theroux has come along for the ride. They really cannot stand to be away from each other (during her press tour), can they? And already, already holding hands in public, with the paps around – this... this must mean... he’s the One! Whatever it is, she is really, really into it. And not only into it, she also trusts it.

The danger with Jen of course and always is that it’s always a John Mayer risk – they bail, she’s lonely and crying all over again. For her to so openly acknowledge that this is her guy now, well, it says that she doesn’t think he’ll embarrass her. Look out.

You know what just happened though? Jen just killed the tabloids’ opportunity to create some kind of clandestine meeting story between her and Brad Pitt who’s also in London filming a movie. Still, Angelina and the girls are on their way back. Maybe, after all these years, maybe it’s time for a double date.


Heads would literally explode. My head would explode.

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