Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are home now after a few weeks holiday in Europe. There were photos of them in Paris and in Rome and then they were off to Capri on a yacht where she padded around in a bikini but these shots weren’t available for purchase.

Here are Jen and Justin arriving at LAX yesterday and she’s wearing a ring on each hand so now everyone’s all like omg they’re getting married. I hope he didn’t propose then with the one on the left hand because it’s ugly. As for the one on the right, it seems understated (by Hollywood standards) and appropriate...but what if they don’t want to get married and don’t want to have kids and just want to smoke cigarettes and joints and drink and travel and love their dogs and make bad movies and be tanned and plucked? Is she allowed to want that, MiniVan? Will you let her? Will we let her? Will she let her? How far apart are Jennifer Aniston and John Travolta?