Guess who happened to be in Toronto while Jennifer Aniston was in Toronto?

None other than Matt Felker, with whom she was linked immediately after breaking up with John Mayer. Remember Matt Felker? Click here for a refresher.

My sources tell me exclusively they met up the other night over dinner but the nature of the discussion was more business and strategy than romance and relationships. Then again, when it comes to Jen, it’s all connected.

Matt is working on a film… Jen could probably help with that. And like Paul Sculfor, Matt has certain services too. Unfortunately for Matt, his potential dried up the next night. Blame Gerry Butler.

As mentioned yesterday, Gerard Butler loved the TIFF scene so much, he returned to Toronto after leaving on Friday just to extend his experience, showing up randomly to several carpets, and at the Hyatt Roof Lounge on Sunday night.

Jen and her entourage also hit up the Hyatt after her screening on Sunday too. Didn’t take long for the two of them to gravitate towards each other, ending up with their heads bent together in a flirty, intimate conversation, at one point I’m told his hand was placed on that sexy part of the thigh. He was also spotted rubbing her shoulder and back, leaning in close to her ear, and she of course was returning his attraction with that patented hairplay she’s perfected over the years.

Uh oh.

Gerry fans can be kinda psychotic. Are they losing their tits?

If they are…they shouldn’t. Jen and Gerry are great!!! Jen and Gerry make sense!!! Jen and Gerry are almost as great as Jen and John Stamos. Spittle and chin!

Both are supposedly interested in the “next” although it’ll have to wait at least a few days. Gerry went to straight to Tokyo at dawn. Let’s see if he stops in LA on his way back.