Jennifer Aniston’s been in NYC the last week or so. Going for dinner. Seeing a few plays. Catching up with friends, including Jason Bateman’s wife. No sightings so far of Justin Theroux who is likely in Austin working on the second season of The Leftovers. TVLine reported that production was moving there and would begin this month. As for Jen, as I mentioned the other day, she’s had no new projects confirmed. At least not publicly. Maybe after Cake, she’s trying to be more selective. Maybe after Cake, they’re sending her the same scripts they send Julianne Moore.

Can we talk about her cuffed pants? Because all I ever want to talk about is cuffed pants? Some of you have been resistant.

This is the way now. The glorified sweatpant is the way…and we all win. Because they look amazing. And they’re comfortable – you can eat. You.Can.Eat! And there are so many options for footwear. You can wear slip-on kicks. You can wear chucks. You can wear heels. You can pretty much wear anything on your feet.