This is Jennifer Aniston heading back to LA after spending a few days in London promoting her fragrance, described by the always brilliant Michael K from Dlisted as a "bowl of tears". Amazing.

As you can see, Jen is wearing boyfriend jeans. Boyfriend jeans once ridiculed on Katie Holmes. This I guess is why she fashions herself a fashion girl.

I have boyfriend jeans. Like Jen, they're airport jeans. Jeans you don't have to suck in for. Jeans that don't create a muffin top. Jeans on your period days. And with a cool belt, jeans that also allow for some steeze with a tight tank and a cuff or my purple Toy Watch. Love it.

When I first brought home the boyfriend jeans, Jacek had a meltdown. He despises them. Almost as much as he despises skinny jeans with ballet flats. Maybe more, actually. Because boyfriend jeans sag the ass. And for him, it's all about the ass. I told him I don't give a sh-t about the ass. He said it's a waste of money not to give a sh-t about the ass. Needless to say, I kept the jeans. Sometimes boys don't know.

Photos from INF