Check out Jennifer Aniston today in probably her cutest outfit yet during this daily fashion show we’re getting from her as she continues to shoot Squirrels For The Nuts in New York. Super cute tie dye summer dress under a denim jacket and flat sandals. Something tells me Sasha will be finding this soon in LifeStyle. Bomb her ass on email and she might get to it sooner.

What great timing for Jen. She’s making a movie and being seen so regularly just as she’s promoting another movie, We’re The Millers, due in theatres in a couple of weeks. During a junket interview for We’re The Millers, Jen insisted that despite that PEOPLE Magazine cover in June – click here to see – about her putting off her wedding, she and Justin Theroux will still marry:

“There have been no canceled weddings. There have been no postponed weddings. We have yet to set a date. There have been no arguments about where to get married. We just want to do it when it’s perfect, and we’re not rushed, and no one is rushing from a job or rushing to a job. And, you know, we already feel married.”

I’d be more inclined to believe her if it wasn’t PEOPLE. It was their COVER STORY. And they don’t take a sh-t without permission from celebrities and publicists. So what’s this all about? Well, isn’t it always about us talking about Jennifer Aniston? What else could it be about?

Here’s Jen on the cover of the new GLAMOUR:

In the magazine she’s interviewed by Jason Sudeikis and takes the opportunity to tell us that Justin Theroux has “amazing parental instincts”, subtly implying that she wants to start a family with him. Then, when the subject of Olivia Wilde comes up, because Sudeikis thanks her for sending her a note after she was criticised for saying she had a “dead vagina” around the time of her divorce, Jen goes on a rant against the haters:

“…when I heard what she was going through. I was so pissed. Because I related to it—I related to that f--king feeling of people just wanting to rip down the powerful, beautiful woman who [speaks her mind]. Stuff like that's so sh-tty. I don't like injustice. We're living in a time where, whether it's the Internet or tabloids, being sh-tty has become a sport. We're just grown-up bullies. We literally could not need to have our hearts more open than in these times.”

First of all, I think we should all go around saying that “we don’t like injustice” since it’s obviously not clear that injustice is something to be disliked.

As for what happened to Olivia Wilde and her vagine, as Borat calls it – click here for a refresher on that situation – you want to know who did the most hating about those comments? The MiniVan Majority, of course. In other words, Jennifer Aniston’s Facebook army. The same demographic that needs to hear that she wants to join the Motherhood Industrial Complex one day. The same demographic that would recoil in disdain if she ever just came out with it that she’d rather smoke pot, work it off at the gym, and stay thin, and doesn’t give a sh-t about baby obsession. Which is interesting because she spends the rest of the discussion with Sudeikis talking about personal actualisation and enlightenment. So much chicken-soup speak about finding one’s own truth and yet…

It’s the Internet that’s the problem?

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