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My first Aniston close-up. And twice in one day.

Yesterday, Sunday, she came into our eTalk Lounge for a sit-down interview with Ben Mulroney. Without a doubt, it was Jen Day. Her film was not a gala. It screened at a small, little theatre far from the fanfare of Roy Thomson Hall, but her premiere easily eclipsed everyone else’s. Even Keira’s Duchess.

But first… Jennifer Aniston in the afternoon.

I was getting my makeup done at the Cargo counter we have in house when she arrived. First things first? Her body is sick. She is small. Thin but fit. And the greatest ass. It’s little…but it pops. She is also shorter than she’s listed…as they all are. Wearing 4 inch heels in the lounge yesterday and was maybe… MAYBE 5 ft 8. Maybe. When I interviewed her on the red carpet, we were eye to eye. I was in 3 inches. She was in 3 inches. I am 5 ft 3. On a good day, I’m 5 ft 3 and ¾. Just saying.

As usual, she was wearing black – tank top over a pencil skirt, showed off her toned arms, hair blown out and shiny, a big smile across her face, and she proceeded to charm everyone in our room.

I saw her first when she walked in, she grinned and said “hi!”. Then she introduced herself to each person, even the Starbucks boy, shook hands with everyone and offered a friendly: Hi, I’m Jen.

As she was leaving she was still friendly, still smiling, and apparently sweet to everyone else on her junket circuit. Even my tough producer Laura, who is rarely impressed with celebrities who aren’t dashing in tuxedos with English accents, seemed to thaw in the presence of the Aniston glow.

Unfortunately her results weren’t quite so fresh on the red carpet.

Before we get to that though, let me tell you about the fans. They were lined up on both sides of the street and when her SUV pulled up, they actually swarmed it, a couple people climbed up the back, surrounding her car. Who are these idiots? And what happened to their lives?

Was impressed that her security did not freak out. Instead, she handled it calmly. She defused the intensity. She signed autographs, she took her time, and what could have been a crazy sh*t situation did not escalate.

All credit to her… Jen also made a rare attempt to cover up her nipplies. Unfortunately, she forgot about the flash. Underneath her Balenciaga (I asked, she answered – black again, of course!) her nipple tape was clearly visible. Unlike most of her shenanigans however, I actually don’t think this time was intentional. Besides, in person, it wasn’t an issue. In person the dress fit perfectly and was not transparent. In person, strangely enough, the hair is less impressive. The hair is almost limp. And not even close to as thick as I once though. In person, the hair is rather ordinary. Funny that, non?

Jennifer Aniston is pleasant to look at. Her eyes are beautiful. And while she is aging well, she’s also not aging down. She looks in her 30s – a woman in her 30s with a face in her 30s. It’s lovely to see. At the same time though, it’s not super exciting.

The operative word is pleasant. She worked the press line and she was pleasant. Period. I asked her about grand gestures vs the small things in relationships, and I honestly can’t remember what she said. Because she’s… pleasant but not exactly captivating. Then I asked her about hot asses. She said it takes squats. Meh.

Jennifer Aniston is not Jennifer Lopez. It wasn’t mesmerising, ridiculous charisma. The air wasn’t thick with electricity the way it is with those rare stars who capture “it”. Strangely enough, the air was rather … taupe. There are similarities between Garner and Aniston, non?

Dylan described it as “meeting someone’s hot aunt”. She’s hot. But she’s still an aunt.

That just about sums up Jennifer Aniston. I can’t say I find her as fraudulently offensive as I once did. But at the same time, I can’t say I give a sh*t anymore either. What’s worse? What’s better?

Have a look at the photos. Isn’t that a great description? She is your uncle’s wife.

Photos from Flynet

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