Jennifer Aniston was in New York last night for a special screening of Cake presented by The Cinema Society and InStyle, scheduled between promotional appearances for Horrible Bosses 2 which opens in 10 days. As we’ve been discussing, repeatedly, at this point, an Oscar nomination is unlikely. But going to the Golden Globes is very possible. So she’s hustling, just like the Brange is hustling. And together, they’ll hustle all the way to the Beverly Hilton. If and when that happens, We All Win, OK? We all win. And we will win even more if Amy and Tina make a joke about it.

I do like this outfit. A lot. Really cute plaid dress in black and white and the fit of that jacket on top is very nice, a great choice for the occasion. Justin Theroux was there, he just didn’t pose with her on the carpet. But they were indeed together last night and his coat game is just as good as hers, if not better.