Jennifer Aniston was in New York yesterday to promote her Living Proof hair care line. Can we just sidebar about how annoying this is, how brands are so inconsistent with the capitalisation of the letters in their names? The “p” in Proof is not capitalised in the step-and-repeat behind her. If you go to the company’s website, the “p” is also not capitalised in the heading, and “Living proof” is followed by a period so that it reads:

Living proof.®

But if you go to the “About Us” page, the “p” in Living Proof is capitalised in the text. This makes me CRAZY. Is it just me?

Anyway, here’s Jen with her long-time Hair God Chris McMillan to launch the Living Proof, or Living proof, Web Series. She wore a suede grey dress and her legs are beautifully tanned and toned. Last week Jen wore a black dress that wasn’t super fitted around the stomach -- click here to see the photos -- and since you all are obsessed with Bump Watch, everyone freaked out that maybe she was pregnant. Her publicist immediately issued a statement to Gossip Cop denying it. But... clearly she doesn’t mind the rumours, because this will no doubt set off yet another round of speculation about whether or not she’s expecting. It’s what the MiniVan Majority has been longing for for a long, long time. And she’s engaged too. Can you imagine? A wedding AND a baby? It’d be on every cover of PEOPLE  Magazine for 9 months straight.