Is there a wedge heel requirement in every one of her movies?

Check out Jennifer Aniston in a blue tank and shorts on set in Miami for Marley & Me. She looks amazing…but here’s the thing: given that there’s never much variation in her appearance – same hair, same tan, same style – putting her in wedges all the time, it’s hard to differentiate between her movies, you know what I mean?

Like… which romantic comedy was that? When she played Rachel in love with God? Or when she broke up with Vince Vaughn? Or the time Rachel was in a movie with a ferret and Ben Stiller? It all blends into one.

To illustrate – have a look: Jennifer Aniston shooting The Break Up in Chicago wearing almost the same outfit with wedges, then wedge boots in Rumour Has It, and wedge boots again in Vancouver for Travelling.

Wouldn’t hurt to mix it up, non?

As for that killer killer body she’s been rockin’ lately – she’s been flaunting it… and the tabloids have noticed. But don’t think for a second that it’s not deliberate, especially since her bodyguards were extremely, extremely aggressive against photographers when she was working in Vancouver… curious now that in Miami, now that she’s super tanned and has supposedly been working out like a storm, all of a sudden, paps have been able to shoot her Every.Single.Day.

Coincidence or conspiracy???

In the new issue of OK! Magazine, Jen’s body is on full display – with a shot at Angelina, of course. According to the magazine, this is the iteration of her ass that Brad couldn’t get enough of when they were married and he’s been spending hours online staring at her photos reminiscing.
Seriously… is this sh*t for real???

Still…baby bump be damned. Jen’s bottom in a red bikini – this week she trumped the Second Coming. How will the Pitts answer back?

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