Us Weekly is reporting in this week’s issue that Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox are on a break. The publication says the two haven’t been photographed together in a year and that Jen is mad at CC because CC may be stepping out on David Arquette with several co-stars. Something like that. 

A few hours after Us Weekly went viral with their story, posted their own Jennifer Aniston update. Theirs, not surprisingly, had a very different tone. People cites a “source” who says that Jen has already introduced her new boyfriend Justin Theroux to all her friends, including Courteney Cox and Chelsea Handler (gross), at a private dinner she hosted.

Clever, right? One article accomplishes two tasks: to set things right re: CC and promote her love life. With someone who’s supposed to give her some street cred? 

Justin Theroux is an actor, writer, director etc. He’s tight with Ben Stiller, RDJ, some of those comedy guys, and you may remember him as Carrie’s premature ejaculation boyfriend in Sex & the City – she had to break up with his mother too, remember? 

A lot of people are saying he’s “edgier” than what Jen is normally used to. That depends on what you think she’s normally used to. I guess if you have a hard time picturing Jennifer Aniston chain smoking and/or doing a fat rail, Justin may not be who you’d pick as her bf. Others however don’t have any trouble with that scenario.

Justin just broke up with his long time girlfriend Heidi Bivens. Photos of them from a fashion show in February are attached. Word on Justin and Heidi is that he was chronically unfaithful. Totally makes sense. It’s a Jennifer Aniston pattern. She always, always thinks she can roll with the bad boys. 

Also attached – Justin Theroux in April at the premieres of Hanna and Your Highness. And a new trailer for Horrible Bosses which is slightly funnier to me than the first one; I LOVE how Jason Bateman delivers the final line.