What are you doing? What are you thinking? 

Jennifer Aniston has a hot body. Let’s just accept that it’s true and always going to be true. We’re going to write think-pieces when she turns 50 (in 4 years!) and 54 and 58 talking about how beautiful she still is. She has the tanning-dyeing-grooming trifecta down to a science.  

So I don’t get why we have to keep seeing her in naked dresses. She’s been wearing them all season – big wide open chests or slinky illusion slip-dresses or this see-through scenario, and I just want to remind this rich and successful woman that she doesn’t have to try so damn hard. I’m convinced of her body’s structural integrity.  

The thing about it is, it would be so easy to write Jennifer Aniston off as …you know, Jennifer Aniston. But she was photobombing JLO last night



Photo bombed by my favorite couple Jennifer and Justin #Oscars

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And she apparently got her ass squeezed by Reese Witherspoon, and she played in the Jimmy Kimmel sketch, and she had this amazing hug all the way over the top hug with Emma Stone.

Jennifer Aniston has been pulling one over on us. Perhaps she is secretly not so boring as she lets on. But if that’s the case why am I looking at her in a naked dress, as though it’s something new, or worse, titillating? I know her thighs about as well as I know my own, if not better.

I think if she showed up in a ball gown I’d fall over.