Last night was the premiere of HBO’s The Leftovers in New York. Now you know if Jennifer Aniston hadn’t shown up to support fiancé Justin Theroux on this carpet, they would have given the tabloids a reason to announce a breakup. Not only did she show up, she came to sell. There was a lot of hands on chest and midsection. There was a lot of smiling at each other. There was a lot of positive body language to indicate: we’re better than fine and we don’t have to throw down any porn to prove it.


The screeners for The Leftovers are sitting on my nightstand at home. I was planning on getting into it this weekend. Teri calls it a “slow burn”. Over the last decade, HBO has made many careers, big careers. Showtime and AMC have also created major male stars. This was the plan for Justin Theroux. When he signed with CAA and, around the same time, started dating Jennifer Aniston. The Leftovers is where we see whether or not that pays off. She might have just as much riding on it as he does.