Bad shoes and a finger up the ass

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 29, 2010 07:50:45 March 29, 2010 07:50:45

Tiresome. This sh-t is tiresome.

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler are making their way through Europe to promote The Bounty Hunter which, after two weeks, has earned just under $40 million, not exactly a box office win. So they need to keep hustling, hoping that international numbers will be more promising.

The two spent the weekend in Paris. Something about a romantic dinner and a boat ride, and tracked every detail, even down to what they ate and how many sips Jen took from her champagne glass. But Jen and Gerry say they’re totally not dating.

They are however very, very close. Close enough for him to put his finger up her ass. Have you seen the photo? Click here to see the photo. I’m thinking she wouldn’t let his finger go there unless it’s gone there before. So they’re not a couple but they are definitely f-cking? When he gets horny and she’s super lonely, he grunts his way into her room and they take care of business. Sure, whatever works. And if it helps sell movie tickets, that’s good too.

Here they are groping each other in Paris at the premiere last night – Jen in a terribly unflattering pink gown and equally bad black strappy heels. Colour is refreshing, yes, but turn to the side and the ruffle is the sh-ts. Why go to all the trouble of food deprivation and pilates only to wear a gown that gives you several inches around the middle that you don’t have? Dumb.

A more sleek Aniston was presented this morning in Berlin. Except for that shoe problem again. Old lady, tacky, too bedazzled to be daytime, who is styling her footwear? It’s horrifying.

And just to drag the Brange into the equation – Brangelunatics and Aniston haters have pointed out the similarities between the earrings she wore last night in Paris and a pair of earrings Angelina Jolie wore way back in 2003 at the premiere of Beyond Borders. Deliberate or accidental?

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