Jennifer Aniston also known as Fabulous at 40!!! at the premiere of Love Happens last night with co-star Aaron Eckhart. The sh-ttier the movie, the better she looks on the carpet. And this is the best she’s looked in a long time.

The skin, the hair, the LEGS…

These legs are taking on Angelina’s trip to Ethiopia with Miss Zahara and it’s a good fight.

Jen of course has been pounded lately in the tabloids, caught on the losing end of a rumoured love triangle with Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger. When Coop and Renee became official, Jen was once again cast as the lonely girl who can’t find a boy, a victim of the love game, the girl who has everything…but nothing at all.

That is not the girl who showed up last night in a silver mini.

The girl who showed up in a silver mini doesn’t want babies, prioritises her career, enjoys a random booty call now and again, is unwilling to gain weight, and doesn’t apologise for her choices.

If Jennifer Aniston decided to be That Girl all the time out in the open, I would be a huge fan.

Jennifer Aniston however insists on being The Other Girl. John Stamos would be perfect for The Other Girl. Beat the drums, let’s hold hands and chant it until it comes true. I’ve been calling for it for years. Why can’t she figure this out?

Here’s John in New York a few days ago at a fashion week event.

Photos from and Russ Einhorn/Giovanni Arnold/ AXELLE/