And nude. And here’s Jennifer Aniston in London at Harrods (in Valentino I think) for the launch of her fragrance Jennifer Aniston. It’s a classic generic bottle, the perfume bottle equivalent of the little black dress.

Jen, as expected, especially in light of the porn show the Pitts put on the other day, looks wonderful. Like, f-cking amazing. Very, very tanned, very glow, very fit, all in service of making you want to smell like her, and therefore be one step closing to BEING her. This afterall is the blueprint for Celebrity. And few celebrities have the public wanting to BE them like Jennifer Aniston which, I wish, she could actually appreciate for what that means. Because the shenanigans, the frauds, the manufacturing, it would be entirely unnecessary if she finally learned to believe what they actually believe of her.

I really wish she’d have better taste in shoes.

Photos from and Gareth Cattermole/