Oh look! Two days in a row we get to go back to back with Brange and Jennifer Aniston! Coincidence or conspiracy?

Here’s Jen in New York with her constant Justin Theroux shopping for furniture, or something. Does he have to arch his eyebrows all the time???

Said with no sarcasm at all - it really does make me happy that she’s finally found a guy who will hold her hand on the street, and so ... willingly, protectively, photogenically...unlike that f-cking weasel John Mayer who couldn’t make up his goddamn mind.

It’s what she and Stephen Huvane have been looking for for a long, long time.

But the girl can wear a pair of skinny jeans, non? Look at how she’s owning every inch of these jeans with her awesome booties. Will you be emailing Sasha about this head to toe?