These are the first shots of Jennifer Aniston in costume in North Carolina on the set of We’re The Millers. She plays a hooker enlisted by Jason Sudeikis to create a fake family on a cross country road trip to transport pot. Emma Roberts is the daughter. Jen, presumably, is the wife, and, predictably, they probably fall in love. As you can see then, at least by wardrobe, Jen has temporarily joined the MiniVan Majority. Even Jennifer Aniston can’t make capri pants work, see?

But it’s more than just the clothing, right? It’s the mom fringe too. And...I the makeup supposed to be in character too? She looks really, really orange here which I guess I buy from a dowdy suburban mother who doesn’t know how to blend her foundation but I don’t know if going to those character lengths is necessary for a comedy, you know? Like the payoff for her wouldn’t be there, to risk looking sh-tty in close-ups. Maybe it’s the way they’re lighting her then. By the time you see this in the movie, she’ll be dressed as a mom but she’ll still have the face of a model.