For Angelina Jolie and Unbroken, the signs were there that it wasn’t happening. It’s been a month of signs. Unbroken did however receive 3 nominations in technical categories. So… it’s something.

For Jennifer Aniston…

After two months of aggressive – and impressive! – campaigning. And so many GOOD signs, including a SAG nomination, convincing even the Oscar experts that she’d for sure have her name called, it can’t be anything other than a disappointment. She’ll tell you that it’s not, of course she will. But it has to be. After hiring an Oscar strategist and seeing so many early gains, this message from the Academy stings:

Not yet, Jen.

Even worse, a good outfit was wasted last night. And it would have been so perfectly timed! Last night was the LA premiere of Cake. So imagine, if she had been nominated this morning, these are the shots that would have accompanied her achievement. With her “I’m a serious actress” hair up!

So…what happened?

Jen had her friends within the Hollywood community. She courted favour with the trades. She hung out with George Clooney in Mexico! Even the Chairman couldn’t help her?

Either the Academy still isn’t taking her seriously or, you know, if you’re a gossip conspiracy theorist, someone somewhere sabotaged it. “Fine. If you don’t want my film to get in, can you do me a favour and not let her in either?”