Did Jennifer Aniston stay up late last night, reading and re-reading every email leaked in the Sony hack, especially the parts where Scott Rudin sh-ts on Angelina Jolie?

Did it get even better when she woke up this morning – or maybe she didn’t sleep at all – to learn that…holy sh-t, she’s been nominated for a SAG?

She did it.

All that hustling. All that campaigning. Hanging out with Selena Gomez. Even when no one was looking at her, she refused to give up. Even when no one wanted to distribute Cake, she decided to get creative with the production company and get it out there in time for the season and get to work. Work, work, sell, sell…

What’s that, Jolie, you think you’re the only one who can sell?

And now she’s just pushed Hilary Swank, Marion Cotillard, and Emily Blunt out of the way for that 5th Best Actress spot alongside Julianne Moore, Reese Witherspoon, Felicity Jones, and Rosamund Pike.

Give her credit, it was a quick, quick turnaround too.

There was no momentum coming out of TIFF. There was nothing in October. So, basically, she put all this together in a MONTH. By calling on her friends – actor friends, talk show host friends, all the friends she could find. And repeatedly telling them, I GOT UGLY FOR THIS ROLE. LOOK AT ME I’M SO UGLY.

You know actors. Actors are vain. They vote on a different bandwidth. I mean, they let Ellen Burstyn into the party for Christ’s sake – in Flowers In The Attic!

But it turns out Jen knew that better than anyone thought she did. She knows it because she’s one of them.

Another bonus? Nothing for Unbroken at the SAGs. It wasn’t really expected to contend there since Best Picture and Best Director are probably Angelina Jolie’s best chances but still…

No one is happier or more smug than Jennifer Aniston today. The Academy may not be so generous in the other voting branches – think of people like Scott Rudin and how those opinions might look, considering their lowly opinion of some actors. At the same time, the acting branch of the Academy has the most members. And if Jen keeps playing it like this…

More SAG analysis coming later. Tomorrow – the Golden Globes. God, don’t you love this time of year?