She’s not my favourite but I’d trade Pamela Anderson’s dirty skank for Jennifer Aniston’s fraud any time. Can we give Pam to the US in exchange for Jen?

Jen kicked off her Canadian work trip with some drama last week thanks to her “racialist” bodyguard and has been very obliging ever since in an attempt to blow the incident away with her sweetness and her hard nipples.

Aniston and Aaron Eckhart were shooting Travelling in a residential neighbourhood in Vancouver yesterday - on set she was in a fine mood. Waving for fans who’d come out onto the street to gawk, signing autographs, dazzling everyone with her smile…but insisting on no photos.

She also apparently at one point gazed wistfully at someone’s toddler and playfully shook his little fingers.

As for what’s going on with Aaron Eckhart – so far, just some friendly flirting. Still. They apparently have great chemistry but nothing that carries on into the trailer or anything. Yet.

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