This is the new cover of US Weekly:

Jen’s Big Secret – PREGNANT!

She’s been pregnant 8 times this year already on the cover of LIFE & STYLE and/or IN TOUCH and/or STAR. But US Weekly is not those publications. US Weekly has a much better track record of exclusive reporting and good working relationships with Hollywood publicists that they wouldn’t want to f-ck around with if they weren’t totally sure.

As we reported on etalk during TIFF, Jen drank water at the parties. According to the magazine, she and Justin Theroux are waiting to share the news and likely won’t confirm until she’s 6 months.


But that only gives the world 3 months to study every.single.detail of the pregnancy, every change in the bump. Last month, on August 21, Jen and Justin were in Mexico and she was in a bikini. Click here to see those photos because I know you want to eyeball the sh-t out of her body.

As every famewhore groans. Because if JENNIFER ANISTON IS HAVING A BABYYYYYYYYYY that story will dominate everything. Unless, of course, Brange decides they want a piece of it. My blog will pretty much write itself if that’s the case.