Jennifer Aniston has the best life to go with the best body. I love food too much to have a body like that. Sigh.

Check her out, in her favourite spot, by the pool this weekend in Miami soaking up the sun. And all this wasn’t stimulating enough for Brad Pitt?


As for the photos themselves… amazing with all the security she has and how vigilant her bodyguards are about not allowing her to be papped that she keeps getting papped every single weekend. In her bikini! With such an amazing physique!

Why waste a good tan when no one can see it?

If I were her, I’d be careful though. Especially the next time John Mayer comes to town. Pee stings on burnt skin.

And because it’s been a while, my husband just sent this over - here’s the little f&cker Marcus this morning, lying on the living room floor staring at the balcony waiting for a sun patch to emerge. He likes to spend his days lounging and napping.

He and Jen have that in common.

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