Jennifer Aniston plays a nympho boss in the upcoming Horrible Bosses. Sort of a departure for her in terms of character. And in her personal life, she thinks she’s dating a badass. Are you finally telling us you’re not so square?

Jen is currently making the rounds in New York to hustle the movie. It’s been interview after interview, talk show after talk show. Last night she stopped by the Daily Show with Jon Stewart in a gorgeous little black dress. I wonder now, when designers design little black dresses, if they do so with her in mind. She looks great. Her legs look great. And she keeps saying, to everyone:

"Yes, I'm very happy. I'm extremely lucky, and I'm extremely happy."

Of course we’re all assuming that she means she feels this way, so actualised, because she has a new boyfriend. Justin Theroux is all the light and the bright in her life these days.

Really? Are we really going back to that?

Show me the weed smoking, vodka drinking, sexual aggressor who hangs out at Courteney Cox’s pool. She’s the one I want to meet!

Also, I’m trying not to be a bitch, I really am, but I can’t help fixating on her face. It’s been a months-long hobby now. To me it looks different these days. Even in the trailer for the movie it looks different. Could just be me.

Attached – the red band trailer for Horrible Bosses.

“I took her invitation to f-ck her as an invitation to f-ck her” totally cracked me up. See, all movie trailers should let the f-cks fly. Maybe it’s because I have never grown up from laughing at fart and poo jokes but when a “f-ck” is delivered well in a movie, I will always be amused.

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