Jennifer Aniston has the worst shoe style ever.

Look at this. In New York yesterday to promote her fragrance. In a beautiful Vivienne Westwood dress. And then those thin strap bridesmaid heels she fancies. For why? It’s so frustrating.

Still, shoe assness aside, Jen looks good. Her hair looks good. I like the way the layers are all tousled up in the back. And, of course, her body. Tight.

Most importantly though, remember a few weeks ago or so her face wasn’t sitting right or something? Puffy. Bloated. Weird. Click here for a refresher. Right?

Well, whatever she did or didn’t have done, it looks like it’s finally settled. The padding is gone. The lips might still be slightly engorged, but she doesn’t have that “just woke up after beer face but really it’s from the needle” situation happening anymore.

In its place though is a new hardness, a tautness about her skin, her cheeks, around her mouth that was never there before, do you see it? There used to be a lovely softness to Jen, it’s what made her seem “natural” to people, the work of a clever artist, and she always complimented it with her colouring, the glow from the sun, a lot of moisturiser, and a tight relationship with her hairstylist so that her hair always enhanced it.

There’s no evidence of this in yesterday’s Jen. She looks amazing, no doubt. But she looks... HARD. That’s the only word I can go with for it. Hard. Like Brandy Glanville hard. Like Real Housewife hard. Is it only me? Maybe it’s just as well. She’s becoming a New Yorker again, apparently moving back having just purchased a penthouse in the West Village and the apartment directly below it to create a total of 2,700 sq feet of living space with another 800 sq ft outside from a wraparound deck. Cost: approx $8 million. Click here for more details on that and to see photos.

Photos from and Jackson Lee/ and Mike Coppola/