What did she expand?

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Jennifer Aniston on Friday night received the Women in Film Crystal Award for “expanding the role of women in the entertainment industry”.

Not trying to be snarky, seriously I’m not. But what exactly did she expand? She plays Rachel Green over and over again.

Good Girl: Rachel in a small town
Bruce Almighty: Rachel dates God
Along Came Polly: Rachel and a ferret dance with Ben Stiller
Rock Star: Rachel is a groupie

It’s the same mannerisms, it’s the same delivery, it’s the same cadence, it’s the way Rachel can never not touch her hair. Just like Jen can never not touch her hair. She kept touching her hair on stage while accepting her honour. Of course she did.

To her credit though, Jen did show off a very good sense of humour about her tabloid status, and how it’s played out in her movie titles:

"I'm trying to be more careful than I have been in the past about the titles of movies that I choose to be in. It's funny – I kind of noticed something a couple years ago that there seemed to be this strange parallel to the movies I was doing and my life off screen.

It started with, well,
The Good Girl. Then that evolved into Rumor Has It, followed by Derailed, and then there was The Break-Up. And then on the lighter side was Friends with Money, which I felt was a bit on the nose.

So if any of you have a project titled Everlasting Love with an Adult, Stable Male…"

Oh hi Tina Fey ghostwriter!

But how about Chelsea Handler?

When introducing Jen’s award, Chelsea also acknowledged Aniston because she "also stopped expanding the visibility of John Mayer, and we all thank you for that”.


And how is that douchebag you ask?

Here he is leaving a gig last night after a weekend of hard partying. John decided to start some kind of kick off the summer holiday last week on Twitter calling it Pedamundo. Typical Mayer attempt at clever-cleverness. Will he ever get over being a loser in high school? Click here for more.

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