So Jen and John Mayer are over. Which means it’s damage control time, lest anyone start calling her unlovable, undesirable, and an old spinster…

See how much Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman have in common?

Enter Matt Felker. Some kind of male model who was formerly involved with Selma Blair. As you can see, he has that “good looking on paper” way about him… like art that doesn’t quite jolt your heart, know what I mean?

But he and Jen really are a good match. Not only because it appears they’ve had the same amount of plastic surgery but also because being with him might be the only way for her to relive the past. With a Brad Pitt impersonator.

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A temporary hire, obviously. Not unlike Paul Sculfor. Killing time before she finally hooks up with the true love of her life:

John Stamos.

I’ve been campaigning for years.

Thanks Stacy!