After her free trip for a few days off in Marrakesh for that hotel opening, Jennifer Aniston is returning home to the beach in California, spotted in London at Heathrow connecting for LA. That must have been a sweet gig. Even people who have a lot of money are not immune to those who have more money throwing it at them.

My Gwyneth too.

Thanks to all of you for sending along that photo of the two of them, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston, arm in arm at the party. These Hollywood bitches, they always lie about their height. Few of them are as tall as they claim to be. But G is definitely as tall as she claims to be. She’s dwarfing Aniston in this photo who, if you must know, is definitely not the 5 ft 6 they keep saying she in the tabloids. She came into our etalk lounge at TIFF in 2008. A solid 5 ft 4.

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