They’re both UNCOOL.

So there’s some broad who ran a salon in Beverly Hills who’s been charged with fraud after ripping off several celebrities from a credit card scam. Jennifer Aniston was one of them. On Good Morning America today she was asked about the situation and, descriptive as always, Jen said “We had a situation that was not cool so I just stopped going to her”, which also happens to be how she described Angelina Jolie when the Jolie talked about having a good time at work with Brad Pitt.

“That was really uncool.”

The Album of Uncool is the title of her burn book.

That’s when you know you’ve hit the sh-ts, right? When Jennifer Aniston calls you uncool...

This is Jen on the morning tour today promoting The Switch while Angelina is working her bad fashion on the circuit in Europe, back in black last night at the Salt premiere in Germany, and telling British TV that she packs lunches for her kids which is your cue to cut your eye and layer it with a bitch, please. It’s about as corny as walking around with a coffee mug that says “World’s Greatest Mom”.


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