Housing market.

You hear about this?

Jennifer Aniston bought a house in Beverly Hills in 2006, after splitting from Brad Pitt, for $13 million. Then she spent 3 years redecorating. Now she’s listed it for $42 million. I suck at math, despite being Asian, so that’s, like, triple, right? Maybe it comes with a 5 year supply of weed, coke, and unlimited hugs.


She said that the house is “like a hug, vibrates with the love that created it”. (Source)

See what happens when you read those Love Yourself Here’s Some Soup books? They make you sound like an asshole.

I’ve always posited that even though Jennifer Aniston’s image is predicated on the notion that she could totally be your friend, she’d probably only be your friend if you owned a $7 million beach house in Malibu. Turns out I was $35 million short. MiniVan, please. She’s not coming over to have a glass of wine with you on Friday night, unless of course a journalist from People Magazine is invited to come along.

Jennifer is in Berlin today with Just Go With It co-stars Adam Sandler and Brooklyn Decker to kick off the movie’s European promotional tour. In German the film has been titled My Imaginary Wife. While this, to me, isn’t great either, it’s still an improvement on Just Go With It and it makes you wonder why non-English speaking folks can come up with better names than English speaking ones.

Just me or does her face look a little more filled-out than usual? Like in the Madonna way, just, obviously, not as frightening? Maybe it’s water retention from a long flight. Happens to me all the time.

You know what I like about Jen here though? As opposed to Madonna who would have tried to outdo a beautiful girl half her age, Jen in her simple black shift doesn’t bother. Some fights you just let go. I wish she’d show the same wisdom with everything else.

Photos from Aniston Andreas Rentz/Gettyimages.com