Everyone was sh-tting on Jennifer Aniston yesterday about guesting on Cougar Town and not helping the ratings. As you know, I’m all over sh-tting on Jennifer Aniston, any time, it’s my favourite game, but the thing is, I just watched that clip and here’s one you can’t blame her for. Because goddamn this show is sh-t. Like really, really, really bad sh-t.

That part where she gets into the car and has to calm herself? It’s embarrassing. And it’s not like she wrote it either. She simply agreed to do it for a friend who hits her up for professional favours in exchange for secret keeping. That seems fair.

Besides, maybe it’s not that people were tuning away from Jen so much as they were f-cking running away from Courteney Cox’s face, WTF???

It’s horrifying. Especially when she tries to be “sad”. Something is happening with her eyes too. The more she pulls them up the lower they drop. And those lips look like they enjoy punching themselves. Then when you see that her neck seems like it’s about to snap from the tightness, you realise the fact the decline in ratings for Cougar Town really has nothing to do with Jennifer Aniston, and everything to do with the fact that, on so many levels, the show is totally unwatchable.

As for Aniston, again in her defence, had she been doing a guest spot on, say, Grey’s Anatomy or some such? The numbers would have been through the roof. It’s really time for her to go home. To television. She could be great there, especially in this era of The Good Wife and Nurse Jackie and Weeds and The Closer and the list goes on and on for strong female driven vehicles, how can that be any worse than The Bounty Hunter???

Photos from Wenn.com