Jennifer Aniston showed up with her brand new boyfriend Justin Theroux at the MTV Movie Awards afterparty last night at Soho House. So they’re public now. Already? The MTV Movie Awards – this is not Jen’s usual scene.

Oh I see. Are we still using that playbook? Really?

Jennifer Aniston has a movie coming out. It’s called Horrible Bosses. It hits theatres very soon, on July 8th. And you know, she only has ONE MOVE when it’s time to sell a film:

Acquire a new man.

Here they are then, Jen, Justin, and Jen’s Horrible Bosses co-star Jason Sudeikis posing for photos but...

What’s up with Jen’s side-eye?

Would you call it a side-eye or a full blown cut-eye?

Normally she’s a lot more careful when cameras are around. Should we play our favourite game? Cue game show music – it’s time for Photo Assumption, where we make baseless, often ridiculous assumptions, using only photographs and no facts!

Sudeikis dated January Jones but she may have gotten knocked up while they were together courtesy of Matthew Vaughn. Anyway, not germane. The point is, Jason’s kind of, you know, a dude. And all these comedy dudes, they’re getting a LOT of pussy right now. So... maybe Jen doesn’t want Justin to stay out too late after she goes home? Or maybe there’s something younger standing just off camera. Something who has been trying to get Justin’s attention all night...?

So many possibilities!

Jen was out a lot this weekend. Saturday she collected the Decade of Hotness Award at Spike TV’s Guys’ Choice Awards. She was wearing, no surprise, a tight short black dress and her hair was in her face. Great body, as usual. But that face fluffiness... just me or do you see it again?

I dunno. I wonder if the sun’s finally caught up with her.

Photos from Kevin Winter/Jordan Strauss/