I am constantly fighting with Duana and Laura because they say I can’t hold a tune. I can totally hold a tune. Laura can’t judge me by my random office stylings because I’m simply not trying. And the time that Du and I went to karaoke it was 4am and I was drunk. Doesn’t count.

Like, I’m not Celine Dion or anything but I don’t suck. Jully Black https://www.jullyblack.com/ said I don’t suck. Jully and I were singing I’ll Be There a few weeks ago during a photo shoot. She said it wasn’t bad. See? Jully Black knows what she’s doing much more than Laura and Duana. They know nothing.


I don’t care.

With autotune anything is possible.

This is why when The Goree Girls comes out everyone will think Jennifer Aniston is Whitney Houston before the wack crack.

As reported previously, Jennifer Aniston will star in a film about a group of women in jail who form a country band. She will have a perfect prison blow out, so authentic, and sing like an angel. This according to her director.


Just wait.

Jen appeared on Ellen this week and Ellen ambushed her by asking her to show off her skills. Of course this was supposed to be totally spontaneous. Like they totally didn’t plan it.


Jennifer Aniston doesn’t not plan anything.

Listen below:

Jen’s not tone deaf like Katie Price or anything but you bet your hard nipples they’ll be remixing that sh-t until it’s unrecognisable.

Attached – photos of Jen visiting Conan on The Tonight Show last night.

And because I mentioned it…

I STILL laugh at this. 1:01 is where it really kicks in.

Photos from Wenn.com