Written by Jacek

Jen Aniston was spotted with a mystery guy last night at the SoHo House in West Hollywood. It would appear that Jen has been on a relatively active man hunt in recent months. And all that while her match-made-by-Lainey (John ‘I-swear-she-looked-18’ Stamos) sits and waits for their destined hook-up. He’s a bit tied up now as you read the other day, so maybe he won’t see these photos and become jealous.

I never really understood Lainey’s hate-on for Jen. Yes she’s been a bit of a fake over the years and shelved her self-respect on a few occasions, but who in Hollywood hasn’t? It seems to me that very few have managed to navigate the biz and not had to s-ck some c-ck (too graphic?) at some point along the way. Isn’t that what climbing the ladder in Hollywood is all about? Hopefully for most that’s more figurative than literal. At least for the real players.

My take on Jen: Probably a bit controlling and smothering but likely working on it. Great looking. And aging VERY well – please don’t email me saying that Jen’s not old and aging isn’t in the discussion at this point – I get it. She’s not old old, but look at Hayden Panetererererrrrrrrre or Ali Lohan and you’ll know what I mean. Verdict on Jen: I would.

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