Another Jennifer Aniston interview, another article full of clichés and self help mantras.

This time it’s Australian Harper’s Bazaar and she tells the magazine that “I still believe in love”.

Jesus. What next?

“What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger”.

Victoria Beckham repeats this over and over. Like she’s the first person who has ever said this ever in the history of infidelity.

So Jen still believes in love. I read this headline 10 minutes ago and my first thought was…

She speaks like a Michael Buble song.

He is perfect for her. Perfect.

And he seems to be looking for her.

Buble’s cheesy new single is called Haven’t Met You Yet. It’s like he’s singing it to her.

There’s even a cliché lyric with her name all over it:

They Say All's Fair And In Love And War


Huvane. What are you doing?

Buble has a new album dropping in October. And Aniston needs a new boyfriend.

Hook. It. Up.

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