Her most famous friend being Jennifer Aniston, who came to support her last night at the premiere of Just Before I Go. Courteney directed the movie. Jen’s been quiet for a couple of months since the Oscars and her relentless campaign for a nomination during award season. This is her first major appearance since then. No new projects announced for her yet though. She hasn’t been on set in a while, even though, according to the Sony leaked emails that everyone’s been combing through now, she seemed to be interested in Adam Sandler’s Pixels. Amy Pascal was asking about Aniston’s fee. Hilariously, one of the final emails read as follows:

good news.
she only got paid 4.5 for We're the Millers.

“Only.” By Hollywood standards. Like the studio heads consider that cheap. Like she wouldn’t cost much to hire.

Fascinating, right?

Anyway, proving that it’s not just Gwyneth Paltrow who knows how to be amicable with her ex-husband, David Arquette and his new wife were there for Courteney too. Her date was fiancé Johnny McDaid. Who is getting hotter and hotter.