I wrote on Friday about Jennifer Aniston’s impressive Oscar campaign energy the last few weeks. Remember she wasn’t even in the race at the end of October. And in this short time, she’s gone from that to… second place and still surging…? Click here for a refresher.

Aniston’s momentum is impressive. It’s now expected that she will receive her first ever Oscar nomination for her performance in Cake. And since Julianne Moore isn’t hustling and begging the way so many others are, Aniston could really start gaining on her. Variety published a piece on Friday about how Jen could actually win the whole thing altogether. Variety of course has played a key role in Jen’s Oscar strategy. Variety has hosted several Cake screenings. Variety has been very favourable in recent weeks about Jen’s chances. So… take it with a grain of salt but, essentially, they’re positing that Jen might win because Felicity Jones and Rosamund Pike will just be happy to be invited to the party and Reese Witherspoon has one already and Julianne, well, Julianne’s so good, she’ll be seen by Oscar voters to have so many more chances in the future whereas Jen…poor Jen’s had to deal with so much tabloid bullsh-t and went ugly for this part and everyone likes her so shouldn’t they just vote for her?

If I were Julianne Moore, f-ck, that kind of bullsh-t would make me crazy. But this is the game we’re playing now. And Jennifer Aniston is a serious threat to Julianne’s first win.

Which is why Brangelunatics are so worried. Is Page Six a Brangelunatic? This post went up the other day comparing the Aniston and Angelina campaign styles. According to a source, Angelina spent a lot of time signing and greeting fans at a NYC screening recently. Aniston, on the other hand, went through the garage and skipped the public altogether. When asked for comment, her publicist, Stephen Huvane, sanctimoniously blasted the report:

“Clearly you just want to create something out of nothing. We entered through the garage because we were being followed by paparazzi, and they make everything difficult for her getting in and out of cars on street level. We did not stop for photos because we had another screening event downtown that was about to start and we had to hustle. That was announced at the end of the screening so that no one was disappointed. It is very unfair for you to characterize Jennifer as you do here and the comparison to Angelina is just immature crap.”

Is it really?

She’s hired an Oscar strategist. She’s going round for round with Angelina Jolie, the master of the sell. Year after year these two have gone back and forth, timing and aiming their salvos when the other seems vulnerable…

It’s a little rich for Huvane to be accusing anyone of being immature. What’s most interesting here though is that Stephen Huvane reps Aniston, and Gwyneth Paltrow, and Anne Hathaway, and … Julianne Moore. Julianne, as previously mentioned, is staying out of the bullsh-t. But what happens if and when she decides she’s going to push?