They’re inseparable. Where she goes he goes. Last night it was The Actors Studio in New York. Her episode will air next month. What is the Aniston Acting Technique?

Must Touch Hair.

Watch her. In everything. She touches the hair.

Speaking of hair, because our favourite game this week has been to analyse it for clues about when she started dating Justin Theroux – click here for a refresher – as you can see, this time there are no extensions. Did she have them in earlier in the week for reshoots on Wanderlust? And that’s why the hair was longer in the Terry Richardson shots?

Many of you have pointed out that in the Richardson pictures, Justin is wearing a heavy leather jacket with a hoodie underneath. Yeah but he rides. That’s kinda standard attire. I wouldn’t say that that’s a giveaway for a shot that was taken in winter weather.

Anyway the point is how public this relationship has become. And so quickly. And he was in the audience at the taping of Inside the Actors Studio. To support and cheer her. Alongside her longtime publicist Stephen Huvane (in the white shirt). Let’s play Photo Assumption on Justin’s face. You think he’s tired of it already?

Here’s an interview he did with Coming Soon a few years ago.

CS: That's hard to do, though. There's a lot of strong actors--and I won't mention names--who still do any movie that comes their way because they feel like they need to keep working all the time.
Theroux: I also have zero desire to really be famous so there's not that, as well. You know what I mean? You see really good actors who all of a sudden wind up on TV shows and don't really need the money; maybe you do, I don't know, but why are you showing up doing that show? Sometimes, you should just be happy doing the stuff that you've done before.

CS: Do you think a lot of actors actually get into it the business because they want to be famous?
Theroux: I think they do, yeah, of course. When I think of all the people I was coming up in New York with, like Phil Hoffman, Sam Rockwell, none of them had the desire to be famous, you know what I mean? They just had the desire to be good actors and do good work and lo and behold, fame is something I think happens as a result of trying to do good work. If you're trying to be famous, your work usually suffers.

That guy is now dating Jennifer Aniston.

Click here to read the full interview. It’s kinda trippy connecting his voice here to the person who’s about to cover all the tabloids.

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