Jennifer Aniston was at two screenings for Cake this weekend. On Friday it was with Variety followed by a cocktail party at the Sunset Tower. She wore pink and Justin Theroux was there. Last night there was another one with cinema prive and PANDORA Jewellery. She wore glasses and leather pants and, again, that great black jacket.

You show it to as many people who will see it and talk about it with you. Those are campaign duties. And she’s on it, she is. She is campaigning hard. So hard I’m running out of soundbites. But here’s a new one:

While on The Graham Norton Show a couple of weeks ago – it aired on Friday – Jen was asked about Friends and whether or not there’s to be a reunion and, of course, the haircut which she says was only actually on the show for a year. And that it only happened because Chris McMillan was “stoned”. I’m going to assume weed.

Is she talking more and more like Porny Simpson? Who doesn’t move her teeth? No, I think she’s always talked like this, it just seems more obvious now.  How come?