It doesn’t happen often, but when it does happen, they love to use it.

An unflattering photo of Jennifer Aniston taken today on the set of Bounty in Atlantic City. Not only is there no glow, she also looks grey, ashy, doughy, pinched, and above all old.

I won’t lie, I’m a petty sh-t talking bitch anyway, and since I’m already booked for hell, I’ll say it for you – you love it. It’s your favourite. You’ve been looking at it for a few minutes now. And you can see the effects of the sun…

Obviously it’s probably just a bad angle. Because, as we all know, Fabulous at 40!!!! is normally flawless. By this afternoon though she’ll have seen these images and will demand to be touched up in a more flattering way. But this photo will yield at least a week’s worth of tabloid stories.

An emotionally exhausted Jen is frustrated at Brad’s indecision to leave Angelina and get back together.

Photos from Jackson Lee/