As I mentioned last week, voting for Oscar nominations ends on Thursday. So everyone’s doing a final push. On Saturday night, many contenders were in Palm Springs hanging out with all the old Academy members who live there. And the network for the old Academy members? They say it’s CBS. Conveniently Jennifer Aniston’s interview with CBS This Morning aired yesterday. I’m assuming, because of the holiday, there was no new 60 Minutes this weekend. But it’s interesting to me how all that gets negotiated. Because, you’ll recall, it was Reese Witherspoon who got the spot on 60 Minutes right before the Christmas break. Click here for a refresher. Reese’s nomination though was secured from September. Jennifer Aniston’s move has been much quicker, much more aggressive. So I wonder, would 60 Minutes have been her first choice on approach? Or did her Oscar strategist believe that appearing on CBS for the old white dudes in the Academy right before the voting deadline would be the best play? We find out a week Thursday when the nominations are announced, when Aniston hopes that she, finally, will be seen as the “go-to girl”. And those are her words.

It all, of course, comes back to Cake. Hearing her tell the story, it’s not about awards, it’s not about the Oscar. It’s about finally being taken seriously as an Actor. Which is why she was so committed to her character and the film? Because she wanted to answer that question: 

"Can I do it? Am I capable? Is there a reason I'm not always the go-to girl for these kinds of parts?"

You know who that reminds me of?

Mrs Timberlake.

So, basically, Jennifer Aniston wants to be considered among the Cate Blanchetts (who is the same age) and the Kate Winslets. Which means that after this Oscar run…she wants more.